We Buy Cars

When you visit our used car dealership near Louisville, KY, you'll find that we don't just sell used cars – we also buy them! If you come in before 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (no appointment necessary), we will write you a check for your vehicle. Not only that, but we'll beat any competing offer by $300. We buy pre-owned vehicles of all makes, regardless of age, mileage or condition. We will appraise your car for free in as little as 30 minutes and hand you a written offer that is good for one business day (or longer, per the manager's discretion). You're not held to any sales or purchase obligations during this process; in fact, even if you don't want to buy a car from us, we'd still be happy to buy your vehicle.

You can contact a sales consultant by calling 859-272-8900. With over 30 years of experience in buying and selling cars, you can trust the experts at our dealership. Sell the car you drive and upgrade to something that's new-to-you when you visit us at Courtesy on Wheels.



  •   Your Car 
    Our free appraisal process takes less than 30 minutes.
  •   Your Car's Title
    We need this to transfer ownership. All titleholders should be present.
  •   Valid Registration
    We need to confirm that you're the owner of the car.
  •   Valid Photo ID
    All titleholders should bring a valid, state-issued ID.
  •   Keys, Remotes and Owner's Manual
    If any of these are missing, we may adjust the offer.
  •   Service Records 
    We can offer more with proof that your car is up-to-date with service.


We will write you a check for your car same-day, and beat any competing offer by $300.

We accept trade-ins, and we'll still buy your car car even if you don't buy one from us.

We'll buy any car, but the only ones we re-sell are those that pass our rigorous 125-point inspection. The cars that don't pass get sold at auction to dealers.

If you have any questions during the appraisal process, the appraiser will happily answer them. They'll walk you through every factor that influenced the value of your vehicle.

Our written offers vary from retail prices because we need to account for costs associated with reconditioning and applying guarantees and warranties. For this reason, we need to buy your car at a lower price than what we sell it for at retail.

Most traditional dealerships either won't buy your car outright or will only buy your car if you buy from them. Courtesy on Wheels will buy your vehicle the day you bring it in, and the written offer we hand you is valid even if you decide not to purchase from us.

The overall physical and mechanical condition will affect how much we can offer you. For the best price, bring all available service records to the appraisal.

No appointments are necessary for the appraisal -- just visit Courtesy on Wheels before 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appraisals take about 30 minutes.

If all titleholders cannot be present (or if one is deceased), speak to a sales consultant. Sometimes we can accept a Power of Attorney signing on the absent titleholder's behalf. If the titleholder is deceased, you may need to transfer the title into your name before Courtesy can buy your car.

We can appraise leased cars and contact the leasing company for a payoff quote. In some cases, though, the company won't allow it to be sold prior to the lease expiration date.

If you owe more on your car loan than what we're offering you, the difference is called "negative equity." In some cases, the negative equity can be applied when financing a vehicle from Courtesy. We can also calculate the difference between the pay-off and our offer and you can pay us directly. Speak with a manager to extend the offer if you require additional times to procure the necessary funds.

Once you sell your car to Courtesy on Wheels, you cannot get it back. All sales are final.

If there's a lien on your car, we will need to contact your lien holder during business hours to get a 20-day payoff. To pay off the lien, we'll need your lien holder's name and phone number, the names on the account, and your lien holder's account number and social security number. If a lien that's been paid off is listed on the vehicle's title, you'll need to provide both the title and the lien release from the lien holder before we can purchase.

If you're looking to sell a car on behalf of a company, talk with a sales manager for requirements.